Our team have decades of digital experience working with and for many of the world’s leading companies and organisations.

Tom is half of the team that led the Conservatives’ digital campaign during the 2015 UK General Election, the first where digital had a demonstrable impact on the outcome. He now works with a range of clients at Edmonds Elder, from FTSE100 listed firms to tech unicorns, helping them to find unique creative routes that will catch the eye of online audiences and help to deliver real results.

Tom Edmonds

Founding Partner
Craig is the other half of the team who put digital right at the heart of the Conservatives’ 2015 General Election campaign, now widely acknowledged as key to the Party’s first majority win in more than 20 years. He now works with clients across a range of sectors to help them get real results from digital – focusing teams, resources and budgets on the areas that matter most to boards and deliver value for shareholders.

Craig Elder

Founding Partner
Melissa Wolfe has worked in the online space for almost a decade, and possesses a wealth of experience developing digital communications strategies at leading UK and global communications agencies. Melissa has worked with clients from a wide range of sectors including financial services, youth organisations and FMCG, focusing on developing insight and data-driven digital strategies and campaigns.

Melissa Wolfe

Stuart joined Edmonds Elder in 2016, having previously worked as Head of Digital Communications for the University of Oxford, following communications and digital roles for two of the UK’s leading development charities. Stuart’s role as Head of Strategy at Edmonds Elder is focused on ensuring the work we deliver for all our clients is completely aligned with their strategic priorities, and their success measured accordingly.

Stuart Fowkes

Andrea spent 8 years with the Conservatives helping to direct and deliver the Party’s print and digital creative across election campaigns. She now heads up the Creative Team at Edmonds Elder, working in partnership with our digital consultants to turn communication strategies into impactful creative executions. Combining design and video, Andrea and her team produce work across every digital channel to engage audiences and drive real action.

Andrea Mills-Taylor

Head of Creative
Cameron Leys has been working with the Edmonds Elder team since 2015. A highly experienced videographer with a diverse range of experience, Cameron previously filmed and edited content for a highly popular YouTube channel. Part of the creative team, Cameron films and edits a range of content – from CEO interviews to consumer facing marketing campaigns – working closely with our clients to create videos that meet their ambitions.

Cameron Leys

Head of Video
Maddie Soper joined the team at Edmonds Elder after a role specialising in digital public and corporate affairs at a global communications agency. Maddie previously led the team providing the UK’s official Social TV Insights at Kantar Media, where her clients included the BBC, ITV, C4 and Viacom. She has also worked on political campaigns in the UK and US – including the 2012 Obama campaign.

Maddie Soper

Associate Director
Alex, who joined Edmonds Elder in 2021, has a wide range of experience developing digital communications plans for campaigning organisations at the forefront of UK politics – most recently the Labour Party. Alex also led the digital team that helped build the largest grassroots and online campaign movement in UK political history for the People’s Vote campaign.

Alex Clifford

Senior Consultant
Georgina Clark joined Edmonds Elder in October 2018, having spent the previous four years developing branding, digital and product design for a university, major stationery company, and digital media publisher. Georgina works as part of the Creative Team, bringing campaigns to life through illustration, animation, and motion design.

Georgina Clark

Deputy Head of Creative
Iyesha has worked within the creative marketing and advertising industry for almost a decade. From executing major rebrands and TV campaigns, to social, digital and OOH advertising - focussing on brand awareness and affinity. Iyesha has a deep understanding of how to elevate a brand, engage with customers and establish a business’ tone of voice to cut through in a competitive market.

Iyesha Cheema-Bradshaw

Senior Creative
Frankie started at Edmonds Elder in 2021 as a Videographer. Starting his career as a freelancer producing social first video content for fashion and make-up brands, Frankie is now responsible for filming and editing highly engaging video campaigns for Edmonds Elder. These include a number of emerging formats like TikTok and IG reels, as well as interviews for FTSE100 companies.

Frankie Hill

Juliet Maycock has been working as a Creative with Edmonds Elder since March 2020. Starting out her career as a freelance Graphic Designer – working mostly on branding and visual identity projects, Juliet now works on campaigns by delivering eye-catching creatives in the form of animation, illustration and static design.

Juliet Maycock

Mid-Weight Creative
Moira joined in 2021 to head up the operations team at Edmonds Elder. With an extensive background in senior office and finance management, Moira works with all teams and clients to ensure everything is accurate and runs smoothly.

Moira Benny

Head of Operations
With a background in documentaries, branded content, and music videos, Daniel has worked with some of the biggest and well-known museums, galleries, companies and charities across the UK, Europe and Africa. Starting with Edmonds Elder in 2022, Daniel now works with the wider team to create a variety of exciting and engaging video content to help clients bring their campaigns to life.

Daniel Oniya

Holly has been a Consultant with Edmonds Elder since April 2022. A Modern Languages graduate with a background in strategic communications, Holly has experience working with a range of international clients and global consumer brands on corporate communications campaigns, crisis & issues management and building/protecting reputation in both online and offline environments.

Holly Ayres

Kirsten has been with Edmonds Elder since January 2022 as an Associate Consultant. With a background as a digital communications strategist, working with a range of international clients to create diverse and creative strategies and campaigns across their online channels, Kirsten now works on client research, campaign creation, and insights reporting.

Kirsten Loughman

Louise Howland has been working with Edmonds Elder as a Creative Copywriter since May 2022. Prior to her agency career, Louise worked as a freelance journalist for an online film publication. Louise now works with a wide range of clients - helping them to develop their tone of voice and produce copy that works across various online channels.

Louise Howland

Creative Copywriter
Sarah has been with Edmonds Elder since April 2022, working as an Associate Consultant. Sarah's background covers digital campaigning, project management and local government and now works with a wide range of clients creating exciting campaigns across all their online channels.

Sarah Fathers

Associate Consultant
Dan Robinson has been with Edmonds Elder as Junior Creative since August 2022. Dan, who studied Graphic Design and has a master’s degree in Communication Design, works with a wide range of clients at Edmonds Elder - delivering eye-catching creatives in the form of animation, illustration and static design.

Dan Robinson

Junior Creative